Asian Buns Are Better: Xiao Long Bao


My mom will always think Chinese food is the best. Here is our regular conversation:

Mom: Chinese food is the best. Don’t you think?
Mrs. W: Yeah it’s good. I like other Asian food too. Like Japanese.
Mom: No too expensive.
Mrs. W: Korean food.
Mom: No too much flavors and spicy.
Mrs. W: Hmmm…Vietnamese food?
Mom: Not enough foods.
Mrs. W: Thai food then.
Mom: No it spicy. Chinese food is the best. Right? (And then she’ll look at Mr. Wong.)
Mr. W: (Nods) Yeah. Chinese food good.

I always thought she was a little stubborn but then I might met someone else who had the same opinion so it must be an “older generation” type of thinking  or unwillingness to try new things.

Either way it’s fine because I’ll always know what we’re eating when dining with mom. Tongue Out

Last weekend, Mr. Wong and I went to Chef Liu. Asians are so darn smart. They have a mini bun which has soup inside of it.


It’s called “Xiao Long Bao” or Shanghai Juicy Steamed Pork Buns.


Here’s a good recipe if you have nothing else to do: Making Xiao Long Bao.

Mrs. Wong Kiss

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