Jul 24

Me So Tired!

I might get in trouble for posting this! But we’ll just have to wait and see if Mr. Wong really reads this blog!

There’s one thing that I can’t deny…Mr. Wong is a hard worker! As evidenced by these pictures of him right after work.

He rarely naps so this has definitely been a tough month for him. I get lectures when I nap.  Yawn I’m a napper. I try not to nap but if I can and there’s nothing else to do…I will take me a nice nap. People always say try to take a nap as much as possible before you have kids…so I’m just doing what I’m being told.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!  Sun

Mrs. Wong


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Jun 15

My New Journey As A Vegetarian And Living With An Omnivore…


I never thought about being a vegetarian. I have probably thought about going to space more than I thought about not eating meat. I don’t eat a lot of red meat anyway but I have always loved my chicken dishes. And then I watched “Forks Over Knives” and it changed my life. It made a lot of sense to me. To help with diabetes – focus on a plant-based diet. 

If you know me, you know that my health is important to me and I’ve tried many things to improve my health. In the past several years, I have drastically cut back on carbohydrates, mostly no rice – which is difficult since we are accustomed to eating rice in the evenings. The result was good but not spectacular. And it made me think some more because Asians in other country eat a lot of rice and yet their diabetes number were not as high as ours. So Forks Over Knives slowly convinced me that it is because of our meat intake. I’m not going to spend lots of time debating this with you but I’ll give you my 30 day update:

Most Noticeable Changes Since Going Vegetarian:
- Lost 8 lbs!
- Less drowsiness + more energy = working out more!
- Almost no more stomachaches! (I’ve been dealing with a sensitive stomach for soooo long!)
- Almost no pimples!
- Most importantly – low low sugar levels!

Other Changes:
- Saving Money! 
- More excitement when eating! (It’s actually fun to see what you can eat besides salads when going out to restaurants)

So I started out with the goal in mind to just try it out for 21 days. I always like a good challenge. And I was amazed at how easy it became. There was not a lot of adjusting to cooking since I always cook veggies and we always have a Meatless Monday anyway. And in those 21 days, I even traveled to NYC for 5 days. And even ate at the Hard Rock Cafe & Cheesecake Factoryveggie burger! 

So you’re wondering “Well…what about Mr. Wong?” He’s still an omnivore. I still cook him his meat 1-2 times a week (lots of vegetarians won’t do this but I’m ok with it) but he has gotten a lot healthier. His weakness – fast food – has decreased significantly because there’s not many vegetarian options for me at McDonald’s. And when you can’t eat your chicken nuggets, you are probably not going to eat your french fries either.

Being healthy is important to me and for Mr. Wong because it allows us to do a lot of things (and he just said “less likely to break your computer chair”) We’ve seen friends and family dear to us can’t do the things they want to do because they are too overweight or their body just won’t give them the endurance. I’ve prayed for these family and friends daily but at the end of the day, it’s their own choice.

So it’s been exactly one month now since I decided to stop eating meat. I think I’m going to keep on this journey. It’s been pretty interesting. And I get to do my part and save the animals too. I’m not going to convince you to go the same path. But if you have some extra weight or health issues that’s been plaguing you, think about it. Try it for 5 days. What’s the harm right?

Mrs. Wong

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Apr 28

I Swear That I Am Not Making This Up…


So yesterday my mother calls me…this was in Cantonese of course…

Mom: OH NO! I tried to call your dad and brother! And both of them DID NOT pick up!!!
Me: Oh ok. What’s going on?
Mom: Can’t believe BOTH of them did not pick up.
Me: Ok.
Mom: Anyway, I was going to CVS to pick up my medicine. And then I got into my car. And I dropped my keys on the side.
Me: Ok.
Mom: And now I can’t find it!
Me: You dropped your keys in your car on the side of your seat?
Mom: YES!
Me: Did you look at the side of the seat?
Mom: Yes!!!
Me: What about the bottom?
Mom: Yes! I didn’t find anything.
Me: Well did you go from the back of the seat?
Mom: Well I can’t open the back door because that will set the alarm off!
Me: But the front door is already open right?
Mom: Yes! So I can open the back?
Me: Uh yes.
Mom: Okay. Let me try and I’ll call you back.
3 minutes later…
Mom: Ok I opened the back door and found it. Thank you!
Me: You’re welcome. 

Mrs. Wong

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Apr 12

The Color Run: Wedding Dresses Allowed!


Last weekend I did The Color Run 5k with my bestie! It was super duper fun. A lot of joggers and walkers were there. Lots of people wearing tutus! Even guys wearing wedding dresses!


The weather is looking good lately so I hope you guys are out there enjoying the sun! Have a good weekend!

Mrs. Wong 

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