Jul 06

The Wet Vac Will Not Suck The Fat Away!


I apologize for the super late late post. I have no idea why I stopped blogging in the past 5 months. But let’s get to the important stuff. BEN AND JEN HAVE BROKEN UP! I still can’t talk about it without a huge curiosity. I actually thought they would make it. Geez oh whiz!

Relationships are definitely hard, especially when you have kids. And it’s not like they have a small house where they would have to see each other all the time right? Their house is probably 10,000 square feet! So like when they get in a fight, they can actually not see each other for days and still live in the same place! For poorer people like us, that’s difficult to do. 

Anyway, I knew Mr. Wong was the one for me when I saw him vacumming a vacuum with another vacuum. And the other night I saw him cleaning random places with the wet vac. *Swoooooooooon* And well that’s me on the treadmill walking and watching RHOA. Cause you know….can’t get chubby or Mr. Wong will ditch me. I know some men love them some chubby women but we ain’t one of those couples.

Mrs. Wong 

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Feb 23

Jesus Loves You!


I am like super duper proud of my buddy Paul on his baptism yesterday! It was very awesome. He even had like a fancy video and everything! And they even had hot chocolate at his church! Wowzers! We’re not allowed to drink anything in our chapel…so imagine my face when I saw people drinking during singing! I definitely knudged Mr. Wong and gave him my WHOA face  Shock

Since I’ve known Paul for a very long time, we both know how hard it is to find a place of worship that you can call “home.” Luckily, I found one last year and so did he. I know that organized religion is not for everyone and I’m not one of those who won’t be your friend because your belief is different, but I do invite people to church a lot. Because you never know. And if it’s not for you, we can always go eat pizza afterwards. And as a reminder, Jesus loves you. *Hugs*

Mrs. Wong  Kiss

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Feb 12

Fourteen Wong Pictures of 2014!

I know I’m a little late but hey for Twelve Wong Pictures of 2012 I waited until February 24th! So I’m actually early! But here are the memorable pictures for 2014.

Don’t be mad if you aren’t in it because I don’t post pictures of other people in this post. Just cause. It would be too much and then you would all fight that you didn’t get to be in one…blah blah blah Laugh …so here we go…

Always have to start with a jumping pic! Rode bike on Venice Beach!!! Loved loved loved it! It’s something I have always wanted to do. Thank you Mr. Nick for putting up with me and taking this awesome pic!

The crazy snow storm of 2014! Who could’ve forgotten that! Luckily we were both ok. Although my dad was stuck on the highway for over 7 hours. He said he had a bottle and his phone so he was ok.

This trip to New Orleans literally changed my life. If I had to look back in my life and think of a moment where life changed, this is when it happened. I’m so grateful.

A few weeks later, we went to Seattle for Mr. Wong‘s surgery and lo and behold we found out at last minute that that is where his idol – Bruce Lee – is buried. What a sentimental moment.

My first time eating tamales! And it was pink! I had such a good time teaching ESL students that semester. God does really good things.

We moved the ping pong table into the formal dining room. And we can’t stop playing each other now. Haha!

Totally loved doing the Color Run with my bestie! Such a fun day!

Went to New Jersey and drove all three of my friends and their luggage in this car and got super lost on the way to the airport. It was definitely an unforgettable moment! They praised my calmness and I praise them for not jumping out of the car…haha.

Became an official member of WVC. It’s awesome. Once again, God is good.

Started becoming a vegetarian after watching Forks Over Knives. Changed my life. No more IBS. But still working to be a vegetarian. This month…not so good.  Wink

wp10Started running my own business. It’s definitely been a lot of ups and downs and I still have lots of challenges ahead. But it’s been awesome working with the kiddies. And this picture was the first month into it. The walls are definitely not like that anymore. 

Went to the HELLO KITTY CONVENTION!!!! Ahhhh so hard to just choose one picture from this trip but here ya go! The core of Hello Kitty is friendship and happiness and I think this pic is a good representation. Although I am just standing in the crotch of Hello Kitty. 

Got the iPhone 6. I know this sounds silly…but this phone literally changed my life with its bigger screen. I don’t know how…but it did.

Christmas dinner with my family and in-laws. It was memorable to say the least. We all have not eaten together for over a year and so I think once a year is good enough for me…*wink wink*

And last but not least…Mr. Wong‘s bicycling *incident.* Definitely an interesting way to end the year and scare the poops out of me!

And oh yes…Happy Valentine’s Day this weekend!!! Lots of hugs and kisses!!!

Mrs. Wong  Kiss

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Feb 02

So God Is Good…


One year ago, I wrote one of the hardest posts I’ve had to write: My Struggles With Infertility Are Not The Same As Yours.  And I just realized today that it’s been a whole year and still not pregnant. And I guess that’s ok because this past year so many good things have happened and because of it, I get to work with kids everyday.

But still deep inside, I’m wondering. Wondering if this will be the year? Wondering if I’m meant to be a mom? I don’t know. I just keep going from one day to the next. Hoping. Praying. Wishing.

Luckily, several people I’ve seen going thru the same in the past year have gotten pregnant or had a baby recently. So God is good. So if you’re going thru the same thing, I want to give you a big fat hug and tell you that it does suck and that I’m here for you.

AND I want to take this time out to thank my family and friends. Who don’t pressure me…who love me unconditionally…who trusts me to babysit their kids…and who are just there for me. Much appreciated. Hugs.

Mrs. Wong  Kiss

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